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God, Thanks for the wake up call as well as the opportunity to affect the world. You are greatly appreciated.

Prepare for greatness

Imagine that God has been preparing you all of your life for greatness. Now live as though it is reality… because it is. And remember, greatness could mean something totally different to you than it does to the next person. Live up to “your” greatness.

L. Carter



  blissbait wrote @

hopscotch in the stars
freeze tag your dreams wide open
the time is right now!

Cool quote. Thank You!!! 🙂

  lhegend wrote @

I like that. Hopscotch in the stars. I think I will.

  psychologist1 wrote @

we do not need to prepare for greatness. we are already great. but not everyone knows about that.

  lhegend wrote @

Indeed we are. God made us in Her liking. But if you are not really living up to your greatness, and acknowledging your greatness, then the first step in that direction would be preparation. Wouldn’t you agree?

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